For the past many years, we have produced a quarterly 24-page magazine. Feedback told us we had to rethink the concept.   The old format had become so dependent on advertising that 75% of it was advertising, often pages and pages in a row. Many of the stories even LOOKED like ads. It wasn’t sustainable.

In 2018, our newsletter underwent a significant change. The newsletter has been shrunk down to four pages, and as such there is significantly less space for advertisements.  It is now a bi-monthly publication instead of quarterly, and we are looking to fill the pages with community content in the form of short write-ups. 

Advertising is restricted to six banners at the tops and bottoms of pages.  Advertising revenue covers the production and distribution costs to get this newsletter to all 1,356 households in Parkview/Valleyview plus extras at the Hall and local retailers.  Each advertiser contributes $125, one sixth the costs of printing & distribution - straight break-even. Please Support Our Advertisers!

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Publication target dates are February 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1, December 1. Each edition will depend on six advertisers picking up 1/6th of the costs of $750 (ie $125).

To submit articles contact (Andrew Koning).

Thank you for your interest in the Parkview Community League newsletter.

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To place an ad, please contact Payments for ads can now be made online with your credit card or Paypal (below).

From 2018, the new newsletter format provides space for 6 advert banners:

Top Banner (8 1/2” wide by 2” deep) $125
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    • Please note that we do not accept advertising inserts.
    • Please supply Ad copy in digital form in most of the common file formats, (.pdf, jpg, png, tif, doc, Pagemaker,and Indesign) with preference given to pdf format.
    • The newsletter is hand delivered to the community, typically, within a month of the copy deadline.

    The advertising deadlines are 1 month before the following publication dates:

    • February 1
    • April 1
    • June 1
    • August 1
    • October 1
    • December 1

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